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Seven Elements of Art — By Jane Castillo

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7 Elements of Art

7 Elements of ArtWelcome.

I am excited about the release of my first book, Line, 7 Elements of Art. It is the first in a series of 7 books (1 book per element).

As an artist and art educator I realized how it seems that artists intuitively just know how to use the elements in their work. They do.Teaching about the elements as a foundation in the introduction of art education, really needed to be clarified and simplified. How do I explain this to kids? How about adults that don’’t understand stuffy art?
So, I rolled up my sleeves and gave myself the challenge of demystifying them so that they can be understood within seconds.
This way, an aesthetic appreciation of art and design develops within minutes, quite automatically. Whew!

The result is a beautiful collection of photographs and art in a very easy to understand picture book. A feast for the eyes, all featured artists and photographers are contemporary, from all over the world. Talk about a current visual culture…

So, impress your friends. Order your copy today. The art gods will smile upon you.


Jane Castillo